Meet Howard

Howard Sherman is a business leader and advocate for Mississippi children. Howard lives in Meridian, MS along with his wife, actress and Meridian-native Sela Ward. In 2000, Howard and Sela founded Hope Village for Children, to care for abused, neglected, and abandoned children and keep siblings together. Since inception they have provided critical services to more than three thousand foster kids from all parts of Mississippi. Howard Sherman has also worked with policymakers in Jackson and Washington DC to persuade government agencies to do what is best for Mississippi’s children and fix inherently bad rules and regulations.

Howard Sherman is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has attracted millions of dollars to the state and created hundreds of jobs in Mississippi.  Sherman’s passion for our troops led him to work with our Defense Department on the development of technologies to keep our troops safe. In addition, he has launched innovative companies to support military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. His understanding of the private sector and technology will help to generate more jobs by attracting companies and new investments to grow Mississippi’s healthcare, education and agricultural industries.

Howard Sherman is a different kind of candidate who will focus on solutions to help Mississippians and be a fighting voice for us against career politicians and special interests.