Why I'm Running

Career politicians in Washington and Jackson are failing our families. Our communities are getting worse. Our schools are in trouble. And Mississippi hasn’t elected a Democratic Senator in 36 years.

I’m running, not as a politician, but as someone who has spent my life working to help people when no one was looking. I’m a different kind of a candidate, and I believe, together, we can make a real difference for Mississippi. Regardless of who is in power in Jackson, there is so much we can do, together. We just need a leader who knows how…

I’ve fought to improve schools and opportunity in our state. My Mississippi Math program will offer free support to students of all ages who need help or who are interested in technology (from “Kindergarten to Coding”). My IdeaVillageMS.org will provide mentorship programs to aspiring entrepreneurs and be a hub for young people and small business owners in need of support, funding, or other assistance.

I’m working with hospitals and the VA to make healthcare more affordable and lower dangerous infection rates in the operating room. I am leading the initiative to make Mississippi the first Medical Tourism state in the nation so people come from other states for affordable hospital services (that will lower costs and create jobs here!). I am introducing medical technologies that will allow affordable healthcare to be offered to underserved rural areas. And I will help the medical community utilize technology that can provide access to medical care plans and your doctor from an APP on your phone. 

I’m a businessman. I know what’s possible for this state. I’ll take my private sector experience and new ideas to Washington to create jobs, bring new businesses to the state, improve health care, and provide our children with all the benefits they deserve.

My priorities:

  • Generating more jobs by attracting companies and new investments to grow Mississippi’s healthcare, education and agricultural industries
  • Improving our schools and building public-private vocational and technical education programs, real world job training and creating career pathways for people who do not go to college to get good jobs
  • Supporting our small towns and rural communities to reduce poverty, improve access to health care and promote economic development
  • Getting Mississippi’s fair share of funding for our schools, roads, public safety and other essential local services
  • Continue my work with Mississippi’s children so no child is in jeopardy or left abandoned by the systems designed to protect them